jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

My Checklist to Troubleshoot Poor or Non-Existent Rankings

Muy buen día. Les paso un artículo que fue posteado en el grupo LINKEDSEO de LinkedIn y proviene del blog   Business Web Coach . Lo posteó Rory Siems (les aseguro que no es amigo, ja!) y es el CEO de BWC.  

Bien, como siempre hablamos en clase de estos temas, recomiendo un recorrido por este site especializado en SEO. Que lo disfruten. 

Saludos. JK

This is a follow up post to Why Your Website Still Isn’t Ranking this is simply the quick form checklist to make sure that you are covering all of your bases when your site and pages are not ranking for a given keyword.
Here are the steps:
  • Identify the keyword
  • Find the page on your site that is DEDICATED to THAT SPECIFIC KEYWORD – be precise
  • Look at the page from top to bottom and follow this sub-checklist to make sure the keyword is used correctly:
  1. Check that the exact match (precisely matched) keyword appears in the page title.
  2. Check that the keyword appears in the meta description.
  3. Check that the keyword appears in the meta keywords.
  4. Check that the keyword appears in a heading tag, (preferably h1 or h2).
  5. Check that the keyword appears within the page text a reasonable number of times (1 time per every 150 words).
  6. Check that the page is in the correct category (if using a blog post or page hierarchy).
  7. Check that the keyword is used at least once as a tag (in the tag this post – blog context).
  8. Check that the URL to the optimized page includes the precisely correct keyword.
  9. End – Page Specific Checklist.
  • Within the larger site itself, ensure that there is a link from the main page of the site to your optimized keyword specific page
  • Ensure that the optimized page appears in the site-wide XML sitemap
  • Check to make sure there is not a robots.txt file preventing the website from being indexed by the search engines
  • Login to Google Webmaster Tools, ensure that your website is validated (indicating that you are the owner)
  • Find any errors indicated by Google Webmaster Tools, and fix them (404 pages, duplicate tags, crawl errors, etc.)
  • Add the page to all of the major social bookmarking services, also make sure to share it on facebook and twitter
  • Finally, build multiple high-quality inbound links to the page that should be ranking with the correct anchor text in those links

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